Begin (or continue) growing your faith and knowledge of the Gospel with Adult Offerings.
No matter where you are in your journey with Christ, there is no registration required and all are welcome! 


Who said Sunday School was just for kids? Not here!

Sundays | 8:45 am

Be Courageous: Take Heart From Christ's Example
Location: Fellowship Hall | Teacher: Patty Hamilton
This Sunday morning adult class will continue studying the second half of the book of Luke (chapters 14-24) beginning in May. All are welcome at any time during this study. We follow an inductive form of study -- what does the Biblical text say, what does it mean, and what does it mean in my life?

Be Courageous: Take Heart From Christ's Example (Warren Wiersbe) A study of Luke chapters 14-24
It takes courage to walk out our faith. Courage to stand for what we believe. To set our standards on Biblical truth, not cultural trends. To pursue a life defined by integrity and character. And we find no greater profile in courage than in the life of Christ. This study follows our Savior as he faced opposition, challenged critics, and courageously chose to make the ultimate sacrifice.
With All Your heart: Being God's Presence to Our World
Location: Parlor | Teacher: Ron Stewart
Join us for this Focus On The Family video series from "That The World May Know" by bible teacher and historian Ray Vander Loan documenting guided trips to the Holy Land. Ray takes you to to the places where biblical events occurred an brings the stories to life by detailing historical, geographical and cultural context. 



We cultivate meaningful relationships with those we care about in our daily lives through investment, presence and sincere connection to one another. Why not pursue strengthening our individual relationships with God in the same way? Why not do it together?  Connection doesn't happen without community, and growth doesn't happen in isolation. Share in the journey to Christ with others and grow closer with God.


welcome to sisterhood!

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to serve the Lord by creating an opportunity for women to meet in a God-focused fellowship, to share love and faith In Jesus Christ, and to provide encouragement and support for women in our church family and surrounding community. The Women’s Ministry hosts events throughout the year. We have dinner outings, guest speakers, and other events. ALL women of the church community are welcome and invited to attend a Women's Ministry meeting, help participate and plan events, and suggest ideas and activities to serve others.