Community Outreach

2022 Washington-Greene County Covered Bridge Festival

"Festival was well organized and everyone was pleasant."

- 2021 Krepps Festival Guest

"I felt very welcomed and uplifted."

- 2021 Krepps Festival  Guest

"I do 30 shows a year and Krepps is the most enjoyable. I can't wait to come back!"

- 2021 New Krepps  Festival Vendor


Thank you to our church community, volunteers, families, and friends who assisted in Krepps 2022 and all that attended this year!

The Hickory United Evangelical Presbyterian Church has sponsored the Washington and Greene Counties Covered Bridge Festival
at the Krepps Covered Bridge for past sixteen years.  The Krepps Covered Bridge is a working bridge in a beautiful rural setting
near the farming community of Hickory, PA.  This is a family friendly venue with a country fair flavor.